Nifki Demo Applet

There should be a Java applet here. Please check you've got a recent version of Java installed and switched on.

This applet requires Java version 1.3 or later. You can download version 1.5 for free from If anybody finds the applet works on an older version let me know.


Click in the applet to make sure it has the focus, then use the arrow keys to move the man around. If you ever owned a BBC micro you will know the rules, otherwise you have the fun of working them out. Hint: collect all the diamonds. If you get stuck, reload the page to start again. There's only one level and it is possible, but it gets increasingly difficult towards the end. Have fun!

What is Nifki?

Nifki is a wiki that allows you to write games like this. You can edit the source code and the instructions over the web, then click on a button to get a Java applet or Macromedia flash version of your game. This game is under 300 lines long.

Nifki is not quite finished, but the compiler is nearly there and as the above game demonstrates the virtual machine works just fine. We're starting on the wiki part quite soon. After that, we have no idea what will happen. It's going to be interesting!

"We" are mainly Alistair Turnbull and Tom Lynn. Francis Irving is joining us for the web part.