JRider tracks

Here are some tracks that people have suggested to me. I've classified the tracks in a completely arbitrary way, and I'm open for suggestions as to how I should do it instead.

Please note: these are only suggestions. You are not limited to tracks listed here. Just type in anything. Punctuation and case is ignored, so "King Lear!" and kinglear are the same.

Due to bugfixes to the track generator, information previously on this page is out of date. You can still find it Here.

Roman roads

These tracks have no corners! This makes them generally easy but extremely fast. From flat to hilly:

Like a real race track

These tracks are the ones which, in my opinion, feel most like a real race track. They have long straights, slight gradients and sharp corners, and could have been designed to test your driving. Only one of them has an implausible crossroads, and it's fairly harmless. These are also quite fast.


These tracks are the most beautiful, not that you'll have time to admire them, of couse. Naturally, big mountains make the views more impressive.

Drive in the country

These ones look like real roads.


Some tracks don't look much like a road, but nonetheless make a groovy obstacle course.

More coming...

...when you send them in! The address is "jrider" at "minworks.co.uk".

Lap records

I've no proof of any of these claims, but it'll be obvious if you're cheating. Rules: use whatever settings you want, take as many laps as you want, and quote the time printed on the screen for "best lap". Send entries to "jrider" at "minworks.co.uk".

Track Time (s) Champion
EdgarAllenPoe 57.077Alistair Turnbull
London 55.911Alistair Turnbull
Mercury 120.115Mark Longair
Tokyo 67.070Alistair Turnbull