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3.2 Automatically recognizing the new platform

Before starting your port, you have to add the ability to recognize the new port during the configure process. You only have to run `config.guess', which you'll find in the main distribution directory, and note down the first part of the output (up to the first dash).

Then, in the two files `configure.in' and `lightning.m4', lookup the line

    case "$host_cpu" in

and, right after it, add the line:

    cpu-name)  cpu=file-suffix           ;;

where cpu-name is the cpu as output by `config.guess', and file-suffix is the suffix that you are going to use for your files (see section An overview of the porting process).

Now create empty files for your new port:

    touch lightning/asm-xxx.h
    touch lightning/fp-xxx.h
    touch lightning/core-xxx.h
    touch lightning/funcs-xxx.h

and run `configure', which should create the symlinks that are needed by lightning.h. This is important because it will allow you to use GNU lightning (albeit in a limited way) for testing even before the port is completed.

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