Nifki Demo Applet

The game should be here. Perhaps JavaScript or <canvas> are turned off.


Click in the game to make sure it has the focus, then use the arrow keys to move the man around. If you ever owned a BBC micro you will know the rules, otherwise you have the fun of working them out. Hint: collect all the diamonds. If you get stuck, press Escape to restart the level, or reload the page to start again from the first level. The levels are all possible, but they get increasingly difficult towards the end. Have fun!

What is Nifki?

Nifki is a wiki that allows you to write games like this. You can edit the source code and the instructions over the web, then click on a button to get a version of your game that you can embed in any web page. This game is about 500 lines long.

Nifki was originally written using Java applets, and that version has been live since about 2006. Meanwhile, Java applets stopped working in most browsers, so we're rewriting using Javascript/HTML5, which is now sufficiently reliable. This is a demo of the new version.

"We" are mainly Alistair Turnbull and Tom Lynn.