Photos 1502 and 1503 by Harriet Cookson.
Photo 1518 and the movie by Anne PSmith.
Photos 1520, 1522, 1526 and 1529 by others of Anna Griffiths' friends.
Photos 1565 and 1566 by Eleanor Fiskin.
Photo 1576 by Matthew Lavy

Photos 1514 to 1552 are of Anna Griffiths' 24th birthday party.
Muppets (photos 1579 to 1605 except 1593) courtesy of Deeming, Fiskin and co. Theatrical Properties.
Chitty (photo 1593) courtesy of Lavy Legal Services.

The file "electric-banister.jpg" is a mixture of IMG_1271.JPG and IMG_1623.JPG. Hey, you try! I don't do this every day, you know.