This was supposed to be a record of my Dad's official (as opposed to actual) 60th birthday, but my camera's memory card died half-way through the evening. Everything up to that point is thoroughly recorded, though. Reuben and Catherine (2113) were staying at my flat. Reuben and I travelled down to London and met Dave at his flat (2114). Dave had (obviously) built a computer in a cardboard box (2115-2120). We then met Matthew and Helen who drove us to my parents' house in Devon. Dave, Damian and I escaped the pre-party preparations (2121-2124) and went for a walk along the river Otter which was looking lovely (2125-2160). People at the party ordered by first appearance in the remaining photos: James Turnbull, Marion Turnbull, Damian Khaya (2161), Eleanor Turnbull, Elizabeth Kershaw (2162), Helen Deeming, Matthew Lavy (2163), Rowan Turnbull (2165), the band (2168), everybody else (2169), me (2173, photo by James). Thereafter it all gets a bit blurry...

Good ones: 2130, 2147, 2146, 2149, 2155, 2156, 2169.

Not recorded: inflatable England supporter's chair, some spectacular piano playing, vicious croquet, pizze at the motorway services on the way back.