Oggie's birthday punt trip.

0001 shows Susan, Tom, James, Chris, Katherine, Mahlina and Alexis in punts.
0002 is of Oggie ipse, punting. 0005 is of Alison. 0008 shows a large wooden
lizard, whose arm we saw floating off down the river later. 0010 shows Susan
again (geometry insisted) and that the other two punts are under the control of
Pete and Julian. 0011 is of swimmers (anonymous). 0012 is of Susan (again) and
a swan with reflection. 0014 shows the double swan alone. 0017 (by Susan) shows
Oggie, Alison and me. Rick joins us in 0020. 0022 shows a frog that bravely
investigated our picnic. 0026 explains how to make a Pimms Midgley. 0027 is of
our own intrepid swimmers: Oggie, Mahlina, Richard and Mike. 0029 is of the
reception party: Susan, Pete, Rick and Alison. 0030 shows the lazy faction:
Katherine, Tom, Julian, James and Alexis. 0031 shows swimmers (sated) and Chris
(seated). 0033 is of Katherine. 0034 shows Rick, a ginger nut, Julian's feet,
my feet, James and Katherine's feet on the grass outside the Mill. 0035 shows
Julian, Mike, Tom, Pete and Alison. 0036 shows Julian, Tom, Pete, Rick, Susan
and Oggie.

Good ones: 0022, 0033.