Mainly (photos 0033 to 0053) of Julian and Aoife's engagement party.

Photo 0004 is of a sheet of paper that was wrested unwillingly from Matthew's
printer. I think the text goes rather well with the trippy smudges. 0005 is of
the letest addition to Matthew and Helen's household. Name not yet confirmed,
but 'Xerxes' is a strong contender. The creature, believed by some to be an
ostrich, has a wide variety of high-Q normal modes. The movie (0001)shows a
chaotic interaction between one of them and the non-linear rocking motion of
her rather unstable base. 0008 and 0009 are of Helen's windowbox. 0010 is the
'before' photo for Helen's haircut. 0012 is of an alien teacup. 0022, 0024,
0026, 0058, 0059 and 0061 are of my orchid in flower - a thoroughly implausible
occurrence. 0031 is of Helen Wright's new bride's maid shoes. 0032 is of birds
on a wire. 0033 shows Oggie vapourising a candle using a blowtorch. 0035 is of
Debs and Claire (sp?). 0037 is of Erica and Will. 0038 is of Matt. 0039 is of
Tom. 0041 is of Francis. 0043 is of Tom and Queen Victoria (perhaps?). 0044 is
the 'after' photo for Helen's haircut. 0046 is of Matthew gleefully skewering
Tom on a flaming corn on the cob. 0047 is of Phillipa (?) and Aoife (blurred).
In 0049 Matthew (with corn on the cob) clashes with Julian (with blowtorch). I
think Julian is winning. In 0051 Matthew (with corn on the cob, undeterred) and
three small pieces of chicken foolishly take on The Barbeque. 0053 shows the
shortage of flat surfaces. Finally, 0062 shows some more of Matthew and Helen's

Good ones: 0005, 0012, 0046, 0061.