Photo 0223 is of a recent gift from Matthew. It came with a big sticker
announcing "Reduced: was 89p now 68p!". He's a generous chap. Obviously I put
it on a pedestal.

The remainder are of Eben's stag night, which I joined for the meal in
Anatolias. 0225 shows Eleanor (sp?), Eben, Helen, Tom, with a David and Oggie
close runners up. 0226 shows Oggie, Mark's ghost, David and another Mark. 0227
is good of Mark, but Oggie appears to be asleep. 0230, now in the Mitre, shows
Eben and the ghost of other Mark (are you following?). 0231, back at Eben's
house, is further evidence that all good parties develop the ability to read
email (and order books from Amazon). 0232 is of other Mark. 0233 is of Tom.
0246 is a new moon I found on the way home.