0254 is Roy in CB2. The rest of the photos record a day of great skies. 0256
shows the trees outside my back window brightly lit yet buffeted by the wind
and against a dark sky. 0264, 0273 and 0276 show the sun seen through clouds.
In the first two the sun is so bright that the blue sky comes out black; in the
third the sky is blue but the cloud is saturated and flaring red. Very
dramatic. 0278 is about 60 degrees from the sun, which picks out every detail
of a huge cloud. 0279 is a zoom into 0278. 0281 is about 30 degrees from the
sun, which back-lights a cloud and picks out its rim. Up above there is a
higher layer of feathery clouds. 0282 is a zoom out from 0281, so that the
bright rim of the cloud frames the trees outside my back window like some
trippy alpine postcard. There's even a pair of swallows in the clear blue part
of the sky. 0287 shows a telegraph pole against clouds. 0288 shows that the
trees are turning.

Good ones: 0264, 0273, 0276, 0278, 0281, 0282.