0289, 0290, 0291 and 0293 show the sunset skies to which Reuben and I were
treated on the way to CB2. The crane in 0291 is particularly fine. 0299 is of
bubbles on the side of Reuben's milkshake glass. 0310 and 0316 are of the
almost full moon through the clouds. These are quite long exposures in dim
light and the quality is poor. The moon has a halo of blue followed by another
of orange. In 0310, I particularly like the way the clouds are the dark patches
in the middle but the bright patches at the edge, with no obvious dividing line
between the two regions. 0320 shows an ornamental gate in Pembroke college,
after a CamCORS meeting (not that that bothers the gate much). 0321 and 0322
show sunset skies over Parker's Piece. They are quite different despite being
separated by only a minute or two. 0324 shows a light reflected off the river
under a tree (taken from Victoria Bridge). It came out of the camera rotated 90
degrees clockwise, in which form it was remarkably difficult to work out what
it was. 0330 and 0337 are of the trees outside my back window, but they're

Good ones: 0289, 0291, 0321.