Mainly of Susan's (first) birthday party in the Seven Stars. The quality of
these photos degrades (dis)gracefully as the evening progresses.

0341 and 0342 show autumn trees in low sun. 0343, 0344 and 0347 show the candle
that the barman produced. 0343 is good of Pete, 0347 of Dave Ansell and Susan.
She did not stay still again for the whole evening. The video 0383 is of a
clockwork monkey. 0354 shows Tom's "balance a pound coin on the edge of a
fiver" trick. 0355, 0359, 0362, 0364 and 0367 together record everybody around
the table. In order of appearance and from left to right: Tom, Matt, Dave;
Mike, Paul, Oggie, Helen, other Dave, Rick; Matt, Dave, Oggie, Helen, other
Dave, Mark, Pete, Rick; Pete, good of Rick, part of Susan (moving); Rick, Susan
(moving), Zoe, Tom, Matt, Dave, part of Mike. 0373 is of Matt and Susan
(moving). 0381 is of Rick gleefully baiting Susan with a ghoulish robotic hand
(see video 0383). 0385 is of an envelope, and 0386 is of cards. 0389 shows a
one cent coin printed in reverse. 0389 shows Rick playing pool with miniscule
cue. Susan may be interested to note that he is not moving. 0394 shows Susan
(moving) with pool chalk on her nose. In 0395 she moved again, but there's an
excellent shadow of eyelashes on her nose. Finally I caught her with a flash in
0397 - the best Susan could do was to veer suddenly towards me and put it out
of focus. 0399, 0400, 0401 and 0403 are more photos of the trees outside my
window in low sun. The trees are distinctly browner now, just a few days later.

Good ones: 0343, 0347, 0364, 0389, 0399.