Mixed bag.

0442, 0444, 0469, 0483 and 0484 show trees changing colour and losing leaves in
a beautiful Autumn way.

0446 is of Mike Evans, taken in his house in Geldart Street. He showed me some
photos he had taken from Elizabeth Way bridge at night, which were rather good,
and as it was on my way home I thought I'd try to imitate them. They are 0451
to 0455. 0451 shows the shadow of me and the railings implausibly well cast on
a leafy hedge because the picture is taken looking almost exactly away from a
point light source (a lamppost). 0452 is a long exposure of the expensive flats
down by the river with their own marina. 0455 is of the river, looking
up-river. It is a little blurred, despite my placing the camera on the
railings, because the bridge shakes whenever a car drives past!

0460 is another long exposure a few days later of Midsummer Common in the mist.
The lampposts each cast a visible cone of light. The video (0456) attempts to
show how the car headlights looked in the mist, which was really cool, but it
didn't come out very well.

0463 and 0467 show respectively Helen and Dave upstairs in Young Street. I took
these thinking Tom and Helen would be moving out shortly afterwards to live on
their new boat, but they've since decided to stay for another couple of months.

0470 shows a cool late-afternoon light effect on Jesus Green.

0472 to 0477 show the progress of a game of Go which started ominously (0472).
It was obvious at move 19 that a very large number of stones were going to die.
By 0477 two large black groups have left the board.

0479 shows the constellation Orion on a clear night. The colour of some of the
brighter stars comes out well. I found that it's remarkably hard to take a
photo of the stars with a cheap camera like mine!

0485 shows a postcard view of Clare College from the backs.

Good ones: 0444, 0446, 0452, 0470, 0485.