Mixed bag, including an evening with Marion's friends and some night photos.

0489 is an arty photo! In the foreground there is a television ariel.
Apparently resting on it but obviously far in the background is a half moon.
Both are still and crisp. Between the two is a row of trees thoroughly blurred
in the long exposure as they are blown about in a strong wind.

0499 shows the Dougal cake that James bought for Helen.

0502 to 0515 are from the 80s night "Gold" at Queen's which Marion invited me
to. Her friend Niel (0502) was the DJ. 0517 is of a hat on a lava lamp in
Niel's house afterwards.

On my way home I took some night photos of the church on Newmarket Road roughly
opposite Brunswick Terrace. They are 0522 to 0533. The old knobbly trees and
the gothic architecture vanishing into the gloom made it really ghostly. The
first few are in black and white which, for reasons I don't understand, seems
to make long exposures sharper. For most of them I rested the camera on the
wall of the churchyard to keep it still. The top of the wall had a 45 degree
pitch so up isn't up in some of these photos despite the strong horizontal
lines in the bottom of the frame. There was an ambitious dandelion growing from
a crack in the top of the wall (0523 and 0529). 0533 is in colour, because the
lampposts on the main road lit the church up orange against the blue sky.

Slightly nearer home I took some photos on Victoria Avenue, where the
pedestrian crossing is very brightly lit. 0534 was supposed to show how sharp
the boundary of the lit region is - one branch of a tree appeared to hang
disembodied in the air - but I didn't take a wide enough view to put it in
context. 0535 and 0548 are long exposures of passing cars. The cars moved fast
enough to be invisible, but the streaks left by the headlights looks like solid
objects, especially as they are reflected in the wet road. In addition, 0548
captures the streaks left by the reflections of lampposts and other lights in
the car windows, which make really strange shapes.

Good ones: 0489, 0502, 0512, 0523, 0533, 0535, 0548.