0550 shows the now almost bare trees outside my window against some good
clouds. 0559 and 0563 show Orion above the same bare trees at night, which are
silhouetted against the sodium-orange glow of the lower sky. 0559 is black and
white, and 0563 is colour.

On Tuesday 23rd October Dave and I set the Prince of Wales (Highgate) pub quiz.
Well, okay, Dave set the vast majority of it, and I was just there for moral
support, and for the beer. I have no photos of the quiz, but 0565 is the view
from Dave's window at night, and 0567 is Dave hard at work the next day.

0570 shows Jesus lock and weir through a very Autumny horse chestnut tree.

0574 shows the trees outside my back window even barer, just a few days later, against a thoroughly wintry sky.

0580 shows an arrangement of mugs and glasses left over from a game of Canasta.

0594 and 0598 are after Haloween Grad Hall in Clare MCR. 0594 shows an
inflatable bat, for which I proposed the name "Vola Bat", to general
indifference. 0598 shows John, whom I met by sitting next to him at the meal,
at the JCR bop in the cellars. 0604, 0609 and 0610 are from the walk home.

Good ones: 0550, 0563, 0609.