These are from Leo's Haloween party and its preparations.

0612 is of Francis in front of a river scene, on the way to the joke shop. I
took it because he said he needed a good picture for his speed-dating expoits
and he thought the river boats would set the right tone or something.

Now we're at Young Street. 0614 and 0618 show Aoife trying out the monster
teeth I bought. 0620, 0621, 0622 and 0623 show stages in the painting of
Francis' face. The sheep skull he is wearing in 0623 is real, by the way.

The party had actual real children because we're all so grown-up these days.
They were really sweet. As far as I could make out they spoke mainly french,
and they were a bit scared of strangers (Francis in costume and growling
comically even reduced one of them to tears!) so I didn't manage to work out
their names. However they liked me photographing them (0623, 0624, 0625 and
0626). In the background in 0624 is Marie (sp?).

I had to take my teeth out because I couldn't talk with them in. This reduced
my costume to silly plastic ears and a silly real need for a haircut. This was
considered insufficent and so Sylvie painted my face to look like a Goblin. (It
took ages to work out the french for Goblin!) She is good with a paint brush.
0628, 0629, 0630 and 0633 show the progress of the painting. In the background
in 0630 are Francis and Laura. Francis' face was touched up too (0636 and

There was a fire in a half oil drum in the garden, which went particularly well
with Francis' white-painted face. 0641 shows him appearing out of the flames on
a column of smoke. 0642 and 0658 are of the fire; my camera is seeing infra-red
as blue so the hot parts look purple. 0646 (by Alice) shows Antione and Joan (I
think) by firelight. 0651 shows that even voodoo priests need a mobile phone
these days. Especially when they've recently been speed-dating. 0661 shows
Simon, Sylvie and Joan. The tree in the background suggests I held the camera
still but the people moved and are blurred. Sylvie's top is reflecting strongly
in infra-red; to the eye it was grey.

There was another monster teeth trying-out session, which Leo and Sylvie took
particularly seriously (0647). 0663 is of Sylvie with silly tinsel ears.

Simon showed us a trick with beer bottles. Put one in the fire to heat it up,
then sprinkle water on it from a watering can fitted with a rose. It shatters
into thousands of pieces, but somehow they all remain stuck together and it
retains its shape. 0655, 0664, 0670 and 0672 show examples lit in various ways.
0672 is particularly cool. 0683 is of a beer bottle glowing red hot (or purple,
as my camera sees it).

Good ones: 0614, 0623, 0624, 0626, 0627, 0630, 0641, 0651, 0658, 0663, 0664,