Partly Vince's birthday.

0684 shows Helen's Jacks o'Lantern. 0685, 0686 and 0689 show fireworks on Midsummer common, seen from my window. They're not very good photos. 0693 is an accidental self-portrait. 0694 is of the patterns cast on the ceiling of my room by the lamp-shade.

0703 shows a silly face I've constructed out of otherwise useless junk: an
inflatable beer mug, a rubber pint of guinness, some party trumpets, a pair of
year-2000 glasses, a bow off an Easter egg, a pair of plastic goblin ears and
some monster teeth.

The birthday photos are in the Light bar, which is very dark. 0707 shows Carl
and Stef, 0707 (by Carl I think) shows Vince and me. 0713 shows Rich and
Vince's shirt.

0717 is a spectacular sky that really ought to be in the collage of the trees
outside my window.

Good ones: 0684, 0717.