0724 and 0725 were intended to fill gaps in my collage of the trees outside my window, but neither is good. I took 0727 and 0729 while waiting for my train to depart to take me to Matthew's house to do some work on the CamCORS statistics feature. They both suffer from being taken through the filthy window of the train, but 0729 in particular is quite good. 0733 and 0737 are for a before-and-after evaluation of Helen's new hair colour. 0736 shows the latest addition to the Lavy/Deeming household: Gormina (and also Gormetta).

0740 shows a Scrabble game I was happy to lose. Dave's first play was "exactions", and we never really recovered, at least not until Tom put "ripsaws" on a triple-word-score, with the "s" appending to "moaning". After that the game got "cill" and "cillia", went to the "dogs", and developed "enmity". I tried to "vitalize" it, and my opponents seemed to agree: Tom "vitalized" and Dave "revitalized" it. But it didn't do me any good.

0741 I probably should have used in the collage, but it coincides with too many other good photos. 0755 shows an intermittent fault that my camera seems to have developed. Banging it helps (!). I probably throw it around too much. 0759 again would have been good in the collage.

While at Rick and Mike's house in order to work on the colage, Mike showed us a good trick. Hold the camera upside-down, point it at a bright point of light, open the shutter, and write a word in the air. 0763 is "MIKE" in fairy lights; 0764 is "Alistair"; 0768 is "Lisa" and 0768 is "RICK". 0777 is a treble clef using a candle, and 0779 is Rick's attempt. But the best is Ricks signature: 0783.

0786 is a long exposure of the avenue across Jesus Green that I took on the way home.

A few days later it snowed hard, just after sunset. 0789 was intended just to record the event, but the slow shutter-speed smeared out the falling flakes in such a cool way that I took some more. 0797 shows a close-up of a street-light. You can see from the way it lights up the snowflakes that it only casts light downwards, and that it flashes (presumably at 100Hz), neither of which features you can normally see. 0801 shows the turbulence in the air. Okay, I did shake the camera a bit, but not that much, and besides different flakes make different patterns. 0811 is the best: a street-light obscured behind a chimney. I used black-and-white for this one to get the extra resolution.

Good ones: 0741, 0759, 0777, 0783, 0786, 0797, 0881.

Almost as good: 0729, 0736, 0764, 0768, 0769, 0789, 0801.