These are mainly of Marion's house-warming party.

0825 shows a sunset over Jesus lock. The variety of colours is amazing. 0837
shows a Scrabble board. In the top-left is Tom, who put "Thirties" across two
triple word scores, the smug git. On the right is Anna PSmith, who then
accompanied me to the party.

0840 shows Damian's friend Armand wearing Damian's glasses. 0841 is Marion
grudgingly allowing her new haircut (which is great) to be photographed, and
also Kate (I think) pulling a face. 0845 shows James Brown downing his, er,
lemonade. 0849 shows Anna looking beautiful. 0851 shows Marion with Damian's
glasses. We're clearly in joke-flogging territory now! 0855 gives you some idea
of the prevailing atmosphere. 0860 is me demonstrating to Marion how to hold a
camera steady (and failing, but see 0887 later). 0866 is of Claire Dally (sp?).
0885 is of Lilt (Marion's flat-mate). 0887, by Marion, shows me emerging from
my firey domain, with a mug of tea. 0892 is a crowd photo, but is best of
Damiam, Lilt and Marion. Lilt is feeling it's bed-time in 0894. 0897, 0898,
0900, 0901 and 0902 show the chaos the morning after.

Good ones: 0825, 0841, 0892, 0900.

Almost as good: 0849, 0855, 0860, 0885, 0898.