Random (arbitrary) collection.

0927 and 0928 are from a Go match against LSE on 27th November. The former
shows Anna Griffiths (confusingly - she wasn't playing) and Tom Ford. The
latter shows people from many teams enthusiastically reconstructing one of the
games. On the way home I took 0931, which is of St Pancras station, a building
site at the moment, lit up with floodlights on the cranes. I'm rather pleased
with it.

0932 shows Francis on the stairs at Laura's house just before a game of Canasta
on 28th November. On this occasion Leo taught us Franch Whist, which is a great

0941, 0942 and 0949 show the trees outside my window on a misty morning. The
remainder (0953, 0955, 0956, 0961, 0969 and 0971) show the same trees at dawn
on 4th December (I couldn't get to sleep!).

Good ones: 0931, 0932, 0942, 0949, 0953, 0955, 0971.