These are all from the day of Graham Kershaw and Claire Tanner's wedding, but
the first few and the last one are not of the wedding and celebrations ipsa
(latin help?).

0973, 0975, 0976, 0977 and 0978 are from the steps of my sister Marion's new
house in Lambeth Road where I was staying. I took these to pass the time as a
waited for Marion to turn up and let me in. 0973 caught my eye on account of
the pipe that doesn't lead anywhere. The others are just architectural details.
I'm quite pleased with 0977 although I admit that the birds on the roof were an
accident; my eye-sight is not that good!

0981 (by Marion?) is me demonstrating the fake waistcoat I was going to wear.
(Moss Bros rose to the occasion). 0985 is Marion's flat-mate Louise. 0989 and
0991 are of Marion and me in our party garb (photos by Louise - my hand is
steadier!). Marion was embarrassed when I took 0994 but I'm glad I did.

Then we have the wedding, which I didn't photograph. 0997 is supposed to show
the beautiful decorations in the church but I messed it up a bit. 0996 shows
Lilt (bride's maid, Graham's sister and friend of Marion), Amanda (friend of
Marion) and Ulla (Amanda's mum). 1001 shows one of the more spectacular
ornaments on display in Trinity House where the reception was held. 1002 shows
the decorations on the main stairs. I'm quite pleased with it. It looks like
I've missed the primary subject, then you notice the shadows. 1005 shows the
table decorations (focus is wrong). 1008 is Lilt photographing Amanda and
Marion. 1013 shows Matthew Tanner (brother of bride, unfortunately behind the
bottle) and Lilt, over a sea of glasses. I was imitating a similar photograph
by James (Amanda's brother). 1018 shows Graham doing his groomly rounds. 1022
is of the chandelier. 1024, 1029 and 1030 (the video) show the First Dance
(TM). 1035 shows Sir Winston Churchill (the guest list was impressive!). 1038
is the view from the groom's hotel window: the Tower of London. I was there to
collect some suitcases. 1041 shows Amanda smoking a lollipop. 0143 is good of
Marion and Amanda. 1044 was supposed to be of Lilt's amazing 2-hour hair-do but
it's focussed on Michelle Tanner (bride's maid and sister of bride). 1045 shows
Marion sporting the very latest in wedding head-wear. Oh, and also a ship's

On the way home I played Canasta at Simon's house, with Leo and Francis. 1048
shows Leo and Francis during supper preparations.

Good ones: 0994, 1001, 1002, 1013, 1043, 1048.

Almost as good: 0975, 0976, 0985, 1041, 1045.