Apart from photograph 1320 of my great aunt Sylvia for the family tree, which
was taken by Marion at Hayes, these photographs were all taken during the five
days I stayed at Dave's flat in Finsbury Park to plan in the London Open Go
Congress. I won two out of eight games at 12 kyu, by the way.

The movie, 1323, shows a candle making an ambitious bid for freedom.

1326 shows Dave's desk, featuring all the essentials of life. 1328 is of Disco
Jesus. 1331 and 1334 show Dave making use of some of the essentials, in cool
lighting. 1337 is an almost all-round panorama of Dave's flat, making use of a
handy curved surface that also features prominently in 1326. Note the moon,
about 20 degrees from vertical. 1341 examines some of the essentials more
closely, and incorporates some interesting facts about Glenfiddich Whiskey
(which are not quite readable in the half-size version).

1342 and 1343 are of berries in Warren Street at some ungodly hour of the
morning of the second day of the tournament (29th December 2004) just before I
won my first game. There are clearly no birds in Warren Street. I'm
particularly pleased with 1343, in which the perspective has provided a
population of different sizes of berries, all bright red against a clear blue
sky. 1344 shows Alfons, an entertaining Dutchman whom I also met last year.

Taken after my morning game, 1346 gives you some idea of what a Go tournament
looks like. The blur in the bottom left corner is Will Brooks. 1347 shows
Mathieu Flinders making an embarrassing incursion into Matthew Selby's large
centre. 1349 shows Nick Krempel (sp?) counting his game.

In the lunch break, I went for a walk in Regent's Park, but couldn't find it. I
was only one street out, so there were some expensive-looking houses to
photograph. 1350 shows Chester Terrace, and 1351 shows Cambridge Drive (I
think). The latter features a vanishing point. 1352 is of mixed urban features,
including the BT tower erupting from some chimney pots and a completely
unnatural square inch of garden. 1353 shows a clash of architectural styles.

1358, 1359 and 1360 passed the time waiting for the tube. Tube stations seem to
make very good photographic subjects on account of (1358) interesting lighting
and a clash of maintenance and decay, (1359) long parallel lines and (1360)
fast moving trains. I'm rather pleased with 1358.

1362 and 1366 passed the time waiting for people outside Leicester Square tube
station. The place was heaving, and I waited on a traffic island in order to be
visible. The effect I was trying to create was of a dense busy crowd amid rock
solid buildings, but the effect I achieved was of a minor earthquake. Sux2Bme.
1368 shows another earthquake at Liverpool Street station. Pity.

After an excellent curry at the northernmost Le Taj in Brick Lane, we found
ourselves near the Gherkin and I requested a detour. It's a really odd and
oddly interesting building. 1369, 1373, 1375, 1376, and 1377 are my attempts to
do it justice and 1380 does a nearby church an injustice. 1373 shows the
Christmas-decorated entrance lobby and 1376, with which I'm very pleased, shows
its rightangle-free ceiling.

Good ones: 1331, 1343, 1351, 1358, 1373, 1376.