Mainly fun with the toys I got for Christmas.

1382 is a little rubber dinosaur which grows to six times its original size
when placed in water. 1402 is the proof. These two photos are about 24 hours
apart. Secret Santa gave me this.

1384 is a light fitting in the cinema. Reuben and I were watching House of
Flying Daggers.

1385 is actually a present from last year (from Tom and Helen) which I left at
their house beyond 6th January so I had to wait a whole year to use it
(according to Helen!). This photo shows the tree just after adding the "magic
water", which incidentally smells of ammonia. So far it has soaked up to the
bottom branches.

That was at about 1am. 1387 shows the same scene at T+12 hours.

1388 is a "time passes" photo of a sunset from Elizabeth Way bridge. The next
few photos are at about midnight, i.e. about T+24 hours. They are: 1391, 1395,
1397, 1398, 1401, 1404. You can see in 1401 that the magic water has nearly run
out. Some crystals have grown in the dish. They are roughly parallelopipeds
with one mirror plane. A decent chemist could probably now guess the chemical
used. Also, some "leaves" have fallen off into the dish.

Shortly afterwards the dish was dry so I added the tinsel. 1409 and 1415 show a
before and after comparison. 1428, 1429, 1436, 1444, 1447, 1449, 1460 show the
finished article. In the last, you can see that more leaves have fallen off,
and a couple of bunches landed in the dregs of the magic water and half melted.

The tree continued to grow slowly as the cardboard dried out. 1463, 1470, 1474,
1478, 1491, 1497 show a later stage. Slower growth seems to make smaller
leaves. Also, the green dye that started in the cardboard is now exhausted so
all the leaves have developed a white frost on the tips for added Christmas

Good ones: 1391, 1398, 1404, 1409, 1415, 1436, 1447, 1460, 1470, 1474, 1478.