A trip to London to talk about Interaction Nets, and more fun with crystals.

1498 shows the London Eye across the river but from the back, due to some sort
of confusing "corner" thing in the river. For good measure it also catches Big
Ben and a double-decker bus. 1499 is from roughly the same spot and shows the
rather swanky "Good Entrance" of Kings College London. The rest of the site
continues the theme of disdain for architecture!

1500 shows what I thought was quite a nice cloud effect behind the trees
outside my back window, but it was really just the prelude to a fantastic
sunset. 1501 shows the whole scene, and 1502, 1503 and 1504 show some details.

Helen would not approve if I kept my Christmas tree beyond the 6th of January,
so I scraped all the leaves off and rebranded it a "tree". It still has a star
on top, though, and a chain of red beads, now a little dirty. The leaves
disolved readily in hot water to make a fresh batch of magic water, this time
without the smell of ammonia. I was unable to separate out the dye or the
tinsel, so this time we have dirty magic water. The tree is pretty filthy too,
and all the pores in the cardboard at the tips of the branches are blocked up
with crystals. I had no idea whether it would grow a second time at all.

But it did! 1510 shows the tree beginning to sprout an hour or two after adding
the magic water for the second time. The cardboard has all turned a dark green
colour and the branches have taken on the appearance of loo brushes. 1518 and
1519 show some close-ups. Growth continues in the next lot of photos...

Good ones: 1501, 1502, 1503, 1504, 1519.