More fun with crystals, Oggie dressed as a Christmas present, and a

1520 is of the tree at loo-brush stage, and really belongs with the previous lot of photos.

1522 and 1523 are a few hours later, in daylight. The branches now looks less
like loo brushes and more like pompoms.

1528 and 1533 are a few hours later, after one of the friends I brought back
from the pub (who shall be nameless) insisted on poking it. Still, at least it
revealed the internal structure of the pompoms (1528). There is plenty of
evidence of damage in 1533 too. No matter! With my new-found rejuvenation
skills, I poured some hot water into the dish at the bottom and let it all grow

1537 shows Oggie's excellent paper hat.

The next few photos show a paper-weight that Secret Santa gave me for
Christmas. As you can see in 1541, Santa even went to the trouble of printing
out one of my other photos (2004-11-18/IMG_0764.JPG) on transparent plastic and
putting it inside. 1550, 1554, 1568, 1570 and 1576 show some fun with
refraction, and 1577 and 1584 show some fun with reflection.

1587 and 1588 show the fully regenerated tree. Quite a lot of magic water has
ended up as crystals in the dish below. Perhaps it has become scratched? More
likely it is nucleating on the glitter.

Good ones: 1518, 1537, 1570, 1584.