A mixed bag. Some are a bit experimental.

1646 is a CD onto which I failed to copy last weeks photos (it's a dud). To get
lots of colours in this photo I used a half-second exposure and wobbled the CD

1647 is the view from the window of 74 Young Street. I won't be seeing that
again now Tom and Helen have moved onto their boat. I was there to carry a
mattress and help pack. 1648 and 1649 are outside the Hopbine where Oggie, Tom,
Helen and I grabbed a quick pint. 1648 and 1649 have a nice mixture of moving
things (clouds, people) and still things (stars, moon, wire, buildings). These
were a bit hurried because it was freezing.

1653 is a bit of wallpaper lit both by daylight and electric light. 1660 is a
better bit. 1666 is about shadows.

1667 is a sky, and 1669 is a magnification of it.

1676 is a sunbeam that looks wrong because the curtain is closed.

1678 belongs with the photos in 2004-12-07.

1685 and 1687 are from the steps of Francis' house. I was killing time waiting
for Francis and Leo to inspect the bicycle shed or something. 1691 and 1693 are
of things I found in Francis' living room.

1694 and 1697 are after a snow fall which covered about 20% of the ground and
didn't melt. 1697 fortuitously snaps a bird against the sunlight (a swan?).
1698 is a video of a spot of light cast on my bedroom wall by the sun
reflecting off the river. 1707 has some nice reflections in puddles on a flat
roof. 1708, 1709 and 1713 are of sunset-lit clouds. 1716 shows a wintry sky.
1719 shows wintry trees with a flock of cold birds in the branches.

Good ones: 1646, 1648, 1660, 1669, 1687, 1709.