Mainly of my 30th birthday party.

1720 is from a few days earlier, after the no2id meeting. I've no idea who it
is or what he's waiting for. 1728 is a poncey self-portrait.

1729 if of Tom in Tishka's at lunch time with wavy hair. Dave and I were
planning our preparations. 1730, 1733, 1737 and 1740 are on the way to Tesco's.
1730 shows Clare boat house looking very busy. The other three are of a flock
of seagulls who had decided that the best way to spend Saturday afternoon was
to hang out under Elizabeth Way bridge.

1741 shows The Float, or at least most of it. 1743 and 1744 are of a silly toy
that Marion gave me years ago, wielded by Richard. 1749 is of Steve Kennedy and
an earnest-looking Francis. 1753 is good of Susan. Peter Sewell ducked to avoid
being photographed, but misjudged it and put himself centre-frame. Martin
Keegan in the background is nodding ferociously. 1754 is of Jo and Richard,
with Martin still nodding. 1755 is good of Adeline. Martin is now nodding so
ferociously that his head has become transparent. 1757 caught Helen at an
unfortunate moment. 1758 is of a mis-printed wine label. 1763 is good of Tom
and Zoe, and was taken from the top of Matt's head. Vince lurks in the
background. 1764 is of Damian, sort of. 1766 is of Julian. 1767 is of Francis,
James and Jo deep in discussion. 1768 is of Sylvie dancing. In the background
Anna seems to have stopped Martin nodding somehow. 1771 is good of Vince
talking to Lisa. The hair on the right is Pete's.

At this point I think Sylvie took the camera. 1773 is good of Florian. 1774 is
good of Adline, Florian and Leo. 1776 is rather bad of Leo, but good of many
others, including me, Peter, Marion and Adeline. 1777 is good of me,
remarkably. There's lots of dancing going on in 1778. Not sure who took it. In
1779 Dave cowers in pain as Marion stares into his very soul.

I took the next few. 1780 is good of Matt, Pete and Helen. 1781 is of Jo. 1782
is of Julian and Aoife behaving badly. The video 1783 explains it better. Does
anybody know the email address of one of Aoife's GCSE pupils?

At this point Mike and Rick turned up with a huge box. Sylvie documented the
fun of opening it with 1784, 1785, 1786, 1788, 1789 and 1792. The spot price of
party poppers and balloons plummeted as the box was emptied. 1794 and 1795 show
people preparing for a broadside. 1796 shows more box contents. 1798 shows Roy
blowing up a balloon. 1799 shows Damian with a giant balloon attached to his
head. I feel there really ought to be a caption on it.

Rick took the camera for a bit. With 1801 he managed to get me in front of a
picture of me (it's 1792). Matt and Zoe take cover in 1804 as balloons start
bursting. 1808 is a bolloon. 1814 and 1817 are of James with his two favourite

1802 Dave: "Bet you can't look this evil!"
1804 Eben: "Bet I can: check out my devil eyes!"
1806 Dave: "Yeah, yeah. Anyone can do the eyes."
1815 Dave: "Go on, Zoe, show Eben your eyes."
1816 Zoe: "Oh, alright. How's that?"
1818 Matt: "Look, Eben, we can *all* do the eyes."

In 1821, Rick is trying to do some light writing, but it doesn't work as well
with street lights. 1822 is of me doing a short speech, but the camera is still
on long exposure. Doh!

1823 is of Rick distributing cake. Don't know who took this one.

Rick took back the camera for a few more. 1824 is of Tom in front of a picture
of Tom (it's 2004-09-12/IMG_0233.JPG). 1827 and 1831 are of Pete and Vince
reflected in the window.

It's getting quite late now. I took 1836 of Roy asleep on the floor by the
dustbin. The low rate of photographs is due to a new distraction shown in 1837,
an excellent present from Tom and Helen: a marble run. Dave, Vince and Mike are
constructing our second, more ambitious run, involving a loop-the-loop. James
is also asleep in the background.

To prove it worked, we switched to videos. We took ages to get it all working
consistently, then I accidentally deleted the best one. 1845 is my apologetic
replacement, and comes complete with a Monty Python giant hand at the beginning
and a giant foot at the end. 1846 by Dave is from a different angle, while Mike
tries to out-do him with his own camera. 1847 is by Anna. The marble appears to
pause at the left-hand size of the screen, and then accelerates off unnaturally
suddenly. We think this is because the marble is spinning rapidly; there is not
enough friction for it to roll as you might expect. A change of lighting and
angle for 1857 makes the marble much more visible. 1858 beautifully illustrates
the effect of the spin.

The survivors photo is 1862. Mike and Vince are playing mini-pool. Actually we
lost James at about this point while the rest of us played Boggle for another
hour or two. I got "attolled" in one round, but Dave owned us all as usual.

Good ones: 1720, 1737, 1753, 1771, 1777, 1783, 1785, 1802, 1824, 1837, 1845,
1857, 1862.