1866, 1868, 1869 and 1870 are of the bomb site that was my flat this, um,

To delay clearing up a little I played with^W^W contemplated my new zen garden,
and indeed I did learn something new about the world, completely by accident,
just as my little book of meditation instructed me ("seek without seeking").
After laying out the sand and the rocks and the two rakes in a pleasing
arrangement I replaced the plastic cover over the garden and brushed it with
the back of my hand. This generated some static electricity and thereby a minor
sand storm in the garden. So I did it again, obviously. Soon all trace of my
raking in the garden had been obliterated, and there was a layer of fine sand
stuck to the underside of the plastic cover, thick enough to be opaque. On
closer inspection this layer had complicated fractal patterns in it (1872 and
1877). The large features in these pictures are the sand-shadows of the rakes
and rocks. You can also see the light-shadow of the camera and my finger in
1872, and the reflection of a light in 1872. Having removed the cover to take
these photographs I repaired the garden and took 1882 and 1884. A low lighting
angle vastly improved these pictures.

Good ones: 1882, 1884.