Mainly Matt's birthday celebrations. Also the opening of my exhibition.

2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 are in the Panaha on Norfolk Street. 2024 is of Pete and
2025 is of Helen. Susan had just launched a new line of highly dangerous
condoms, modelled by Mike in 2027. 2029 and 2030 are of a luminous flashing ice
cube. 2033, 2037 and 2038 are of a bunch of us watching "The Day Today" at Matt
and Zoe's house, with Pete fast asleep and the rest of us looking happy. Not
sure who took these last three.

2043 is of Katie Hawks whom I met in the Cambridge Blue. 2048 (the video) is of
her cat Brunhilda (sp?) who can see (and travel) through paper as though it
were thin air.

2055 and 2058 are of an exceedingly aged modem which I'm throwing away if
nobody claims it. The thing even has a socketed eprom with 0.1 inch spaced pins.

2060 and 2063 are of the exhibition of photos I've just opened in Tishka's (70
Chesterton Road). 9 pounds per print unframed, if you are interested.

Good ones: 2042, 2029, 2048.