Mainly two trips to London on 26th and 28th February 2005.

The first trip was for a Go tournament at LSE. 2066 shows Anna Griffiths and
Matthew Woodcraft (among others) receiving prizes. 2068 shows their admiring
fans. We retired to an excellent pub called Porterhouse in Covent Garden. 2075,
2078, 2080, 2083 and 2085 show the decor. 2088 and 2090 show the company.

On the way home Will and I were talking about cameras. 2095 shows a square inch
of tube station for the purposes of showing off my camera's optics. 2098, 2103,
2104 show some posters that will wanted for an art project.

2106 was on the way to the Seven Stars from the station. 2110 is in the Seven

The second trip was to the Tate Britain to see Turner, Whistler and Monet. 2112
shows a sky and a sign advertising the exhibition. There was somebody outside
photographing a prayer shawl for a book cover, and I asked if I could take a
few too. 2117 and 2119 are the best two. Anna and James are in the background.

2120 is of a tree outside pizza express. 2121, 2122, 2123, 2124, 2125 are of a
view across the river. I thought it was cool the way the underside of the
bridge was lit up by sunlight reflected off the water.

2126, 2127 and 2128 show an odd pattern made by condensation on the hydrophobic
underside of the lid of a tub of houmous.

Good ones: 2080, 2083, 2117, 2123, 2127.