Mainly Anna Griffiths' party.

2192 is of Susan "two drink" Haylett in the Seven Stars. 2193 is of the ceiling
of the Seven Stars. 2194 is of the pavement outside the Seven Stars. I've
deliberately left 2193 and 2194 the wrong way up.

2195, 2196 and 2197 are by Dave. He told me where they were taken but I've
forgotten. Sorry.

The next few are of Anna's party. 2202 shows one of the more spectacular
failures I've seen to open a bottle of wine. 2205, 2206 and 2207 are of Anna's
house-mate Charlie and her sisters, who took responsibility for the music
throughout the evening. 2208 is of Anna and her brother Chris. 2209 si of
Anna's house-mate Richard and her ex-house-mate Sh... (?). 2210 is of Anna and
Alex Selby. 2211 is of Brian, Anna and Julian (?). 2212 is of Rob (aka Fluffy)
and Anna. 2213 is of me and Anna. 2214 I need help with. 2215 is of Mike (?)
and Anna. 2216 I need help with. 2217 is of Chris and Anna.

The next few are in Clare College Gardens. 2220 is of the big beech tree in the
master's garden. 2221 is from the same spot and shows some berries. 2222 is
from the same spot again and shows moss on the top of the wall. 2225 shows some
spring flowers on the borders of the avenue. 2226 is of a single crocus.

2228 is of the wier at Jesus lock. The bright sunlight has made the exposure
very short and has frozen the water in motion.

Good ones: 2196, 2221, 2226, 2228.