Most of these photos were taken from a moving train. I was trying to move the
camera in the opposite direction to compensate for the motion. The two motions
balance only at one particular distance. Things at that distance come out sharp
while everything else is blurred.

The difficulty is that it is difficult to predict what will come out sharp. It
depends on exact timing and motion of the camera. On top of that, the train was
moving pretty fast and I couldn't predict what would be coming past the window
next. The subject matter is therefore largely random!

None the less, by culling most of a large number of photos I've got some
interesting ones. For example, 2371 catches the reflections of some trees in a
pond. 2401 catches a passing train well enough to read the number on its side.
2404 picks out a tree in blossom and hides the rest uf suburbia. 2408 flatters
some graffiti. 2411 includes objects at a wide variety of distances, and picks
out a single window.

Other photos: 2417 is of some railway signs. 2418 is of some chimney stacks.
2424 is an exercising in focussing: it is of a swarm of flies. The rest are of
clouds and sunsets.

Good ones: 2350, 2368, 2371, 2404, 2411, 2418, 2422.