Photos of a Christmas trip to the Lake District from 21st to 28th December.
Marion joined us on the 24th. We stayed at 1 Far End Cottages, Coniston. Some
photos are by Marion and my mum and the three at the top of Consiton Old Man
are by a stranger who got to the top a few seconds after us (we were the

Most of the locations are somewhere in the area covered by these two maps:



Here's the same area with satellite photographs:


The ones in the cloud are near Goat Tarn. We planned to climb Consiton Old Man
but were defeated by the clouds. We had plenty of time left over so we explored
round The Bell and came back down Church Beck, which has some rather good

The next day we scrambled up White Gill and came back down Long Crag. It's not
very high or far but it was hard work and quite spectacular.

The sequence that starts at sunrise is our second attempt at the Old Man, on
Christmas Eve, for which the weather was perfect, if rather cold. We had to
collect Marion from the station before lunch so we started early and took the
direct route up Church Beck and past Low Water. We came down the same way.

On Christmas day we walked around Tarn Hows, which is a bit to the NE of
Consiton. The tarn is artificially enlarged by a dam, built in Victorian times
to improve the aesthetics. Decide for yourself whether it was a good idea. Yes
I know 5500 is upside-down; I think it is better that way.

The indoor photographs are of Old Cross, Main Street, Ravenglass where my
Granny lives.