6149 (Aoife with a gigantic dog) to 6158 (Aoife's toes and chin, by Julian) are
from Aoife's birthday celebrations. 6163 is a WT's with Matt. 6173 spotted by
Lisa on the way home from work.

This set of photos includes the arrival of my new camera. It is easy to tell
which photos are from which: the new camera produces much bigger files, and they
are numbered from zero. The numbering on the old camera got to 6188 but I
accidentally reset it at one point so I think I actually took roughly 10,000
photos with it in the forty months I've had it.

The photos of my favourite trees (0002, 0003) are to test the resolution. It
seems to resolve down to individual pixels, which is good, and being able to
zoom in further is fun too. I can now resolve the smallest twigs on the tree.

The photos of the trophy (0009, 0012, 0016) were to test the noise, and my
ability to hold the camera steady. They are at ISO 800, 200 and 80 respectively.
The exposure times were 1/200, 1/50 and 1/20, so they should all have come out
about the same brightness, but for some reason they didn't. I clearly don't
quite know how to drive it yet. The ISO 800 photo is quite noisy, but
surprisingly good. My old camera couldn't do ISO 800 at all. The ISO 80 photo
shows some camera shake. Full zoom is a tester. The ISO 200 photo is the best,
and to my eye shows no more noise than my old camera would at ISO 50, which is
great. I think I'll probably leave it on ISO 200 most of the time.

Then there's the great game of photographing each camera using the other (6188,
0020). I also photographed each camera's reflection in the screen of the other,
just to make it maximally confusing (6187, 0022). The dust on the old camera's
screen is under the glass; I can't get rid of it.

In summary, it all seems to work.