5992 to 6041 are at the beer festival on Tuesday. 6045 is a thing that Tom built
afterwards. 6050 is back at the beer festival on Thursday, with a long queue
that lasted until sunset (6052). 6056 is of a bus stop. 6066, somewhat spoilt by
camera shake, shows Zoe and her guests arriving at the Grafton Centre. 6067 is
not of the wake of a boat, but just of the reflection of some lights in the Cam.
6073 is an interesting failure to photograph drops of water on a leaf. 6088 to
6093 are at Ridley and Shirley's house. 6103 to 6118 are at Finsbury Park
station where I had to wait almost an hour for the last train home. 6120 to 6122
are from a walk with Zoe. Note the kingfisher in 6122 (rather small!).

Photos of people:

 - 6001 and 6002 show Susan's drinking technique.
 - 6010 is of Pete and Tom.
 - 6013 is of Zoe and Pete.
 - 6030 is great of Mike.
 - 6035 shows Pete, Isobel and Tom.
 - 6041 shows Isobel, Tom and Susan.
 - 6066 shows Zoe, Susan, Matt and Pete.
 - 6088 shows Daddy and Ted.
 - 6091 shows Marion and Granny.
 - 6092 shows Granny, Ridley, Rachel and (sort of) me.
 - 6093 shows Marion, Mummy, Granny and Ridley.