I haven't done an upload for almost a month now, so this is a real mixed bag of
all the photos I've accumulated in that time. The main two pieces are:

	Ellie's wedding: 6566 to 6636.

	Jeremy's stag do: 6646 to 6709.

In more detail, now.

6566 to 6568 and 6634 to 6636 are of Paddington Station which I think is
seriously underrated. It's beautiful! 6570 and 6571 are in the church, which was
lovely, but the conditions were not good for photographs. 6572 and 6573 show a
long line of well-dressed people walking from the church to the Turnbull's
house. 6574 to 6622 are from the reception - mainly of people but some
mood-recalling ones too. 6629 shows some slugs and snails on a puppy-dog statue
where we stayed. Clearly they are not fooled even by this level of

6637 to 6640 are from a walk with Zoe. 6641 to 6644 are of a spectacular
thundery sky outside my back window. 6645 is the lid of a tub of Houmous, though
I should probably have left you guessing.

The photos from the stag do are mostly (6646 to 6699) at the Hotel du Vin in
Winchester, which I highly recommend. 6695 is by Rob. 6702 to 6709 are at the
hotel, which needs a bit more practice.