Mainly from Susan's birthday party, with a few of my huge bruise and a few from
my trip to Glasgow at the end.

Susan's party

Susan is in 7345 and 7379.
Pete is in 7346.
Lethal Bizzle is in 7347.
Tom is in 7357 and 7365.
Matt is in 7357, 7364 and 7365.
Alison is in 7359 and 7362.
Other Tom is in 7359.
James and Katherine are in 7360
Eben and Liz are in 7364, 7365 and 7380.
Pete's mum is in 7365 and 7366.
Julian is in 7368.
Zoe is in 7369, 7370, 7379 and 7381.
Helen is in 7371 and 7372.
Mark is in 7371 and 7386.
Peter and Laura are in 7373.
Vince is in 7374.
Mike is in 7375.
Francis is in 7375 and 7386.
Rosie is in 7376.
Isobel is in 7376 and 7377.
Aoife is in 7377.
Other Zoe plus baby are in 7378.
I'm in 7366 and 7381.

7348 shows some candles. 7349 shows part of the table decorations.


7388 is in the waiting room at A&E. Not sure what I'm looking so pleased about.
7389 is of the flowers I got from Hilary. 7394 is one day later. 7397 is two
days later. 7470 is a week later.

Trip to Glasgow

7400 shows Reuben's and Anna's new house in London, where I did a day's work on
the way there. 7401 and 7402 are of the window on the stairs at Hilary's house,
which is beautifully proportioned. 7404 and 7406 are of fairy lights. 7408 to
7420 and 7428 to 7455 show the recently redeveloped ship building area of
Glasgow, which we visited in order to go to the Science Museum. It's pretty, but
largely deserted. 7421 to 7426 show patterns of fluid flow in a giant spinning
ball of goop: one of the exhibits. 7456 shows a typical street in the city
centre. The architecture is beautiful. 7457 to 7463 show bits of Glasgow Central
station, a lovely Victorian ironwork job. 7466 to 7468 are in Waverly Park,
Edinburgh, on the way home. Hilary is in 7420 (7440, 7364 deleted).

Random photo of Tom