Photos from the holiday season.

7608 to 7659 are of a (very early) Christmas Dinner in Magdalene
College, organised by Helen.

7660 to 7715 are of Marion and Pob's album launch in the Slaughtered
Lamb. 7666 to 7705 are during the concert.

7716 and 7718 are of some sort of cormorant, I think, near Temple tube
station. It might be a European shag.

7719 to 7722 are from Matthew's window in Pump Court.

7723 to 7736 are from an excellent wintry walk near Mary Tavey in
western Dartmoor.

7738 to 7756 are from another wintry walk on Woodbury Common, with

7757 to 7763 are from our early Christmas dinner.

7765 to 7786 are from our walk on Christmas day. Theories explaining the
phenomenon in 7786 are invited. The videos are from this walk, and show
the new channel that the river Otter has carved out for itself at the
East end of Budleigh beach. At low tide the current is phenomenal, and
you can watch erosion in action.

7787 to 7800 are from (yet another) Christmas dinner, this time with
lots of cousins.

7801 to 7803 are from a Boxing Day walk with the same cousins.