This set of photos was taken just after my development team moved to Canary
Wharf. The view from my desk is fantastic, and appears in the following photos:
8456 to 8466, 8498, 8499, 8554, 8556, 8560 and 8561. Of those, 8458 shows the
entirity of Canary Wharf DLR station, 8463 shows St Paul's Cathedral and the
Gherkin, and 8464 just about shows my old office at Blackfriars. 8455 is also
from my desk and shows my colleague Tim at his desk. 8560 and 8561 shows most of
the development team, now at its full strength.

The other photos are as follows:

 - 8467 to 8488 are from a drunken night out with Martin. Of those, 8467 and
8468 are at the Cheddar Cheese pub, 8474 to 8482 are at the Old Bank of England
pub, and 8484 to 8488 are at the Cellar Door.

 - 8492 shows rain on the tracks at White City tube station.

 - 8505 shows Hilary pretending not to know me at Huntingdon station.

 - 8508 to 8540 are from Anna's party at Lucy Cavendish.
 - 8544 to 8553 are arty photos of a sunset-lit venetian blind in my room in
West Acton.

 - 8562 to 8577 show the architectural delights available while lying on the
grass in Canada Square. The building straight ahead is Canary Wharf (One Canada
Square) itself. The one on the left with the tower of Xs is the Citigroup
building, and the one on the right with the overhanging bit is the Bank of
America building.