1206 is an accidental pin-hole camera image of the street outside my room. It's
rather distorted.

1210 to 1254 are from the beer festival on Jesus Green.

1256 to 1268 were taken at Jay's house. 1281 is by Julian.

1290 to 1318 are back at the beer festival.

1325 to 1468 are of things Steph and I found in the greenhouses of the Botanic
Gardens. About half of them are by Steph.

1475 to 1504 are from a party at Mike and Rick's house. Marion and Pob turned up
because they were staying at my house after a reunion.

1505 to 1655 are from a visit to my parents in Devon, and include (1612 to 1655)
a ten mile stretch of the East Devon Way successfully navigated by me, my Dad
and my uncle Julian.

1656 to 1681 are from a party in Pete and Fiona's garden.

1682 was my record of my travel arrangements for Herräng.

1684 to 2010 are from Anke's HHTGG-themed birthday party at the Missing Sock. Be
sure to watch the videos!

2017 to 2044 are from another party at Pete and Fiona's. 2017 to 2027 are by

2045 to 2054 are from a day out with Steph.

2058 shows a laboriously filled Klein bottle, on the occasion of Hilary's
leaving dinner.

2061 to 2097 are from the Lindy Hoppers' garden party. 2075 to 2080 are by
Paul(?) and 2082 is by Jo.

2099 to 2327 are from my trip to Herräng. 2099 to 2110 show some of the groovy
architecture in Arlanda airport. 2111 to 2146 show what group 3 IA Lindy Hoppers
get up to between classes: mainly sleeping. 2147 and 2149 show notable features
of general accomodation. 2151 to 2208 and 2217 to 2223 record some of the
unfamiliar flora and fauna that like Sweden in the summer. The ant motorway
stretched for about a kilometre. 2235 to 2254 are all outside the Folkets Hus.
2255 shows the dirty aeroplane window through which 2257 to 2327 were taken,
which show some wonderful lighting effects and cloud formations on the flight
back home.

2329 to 2339 are from my visit to Anna and Tom at their ultrabarn. 2340 and 2342
are of Nuneaton station in the rain, on the way home.

2344 shows some well-deserved recognition achieved by the book of poems Jay and
I edited.