5051 to 5063 are my attempts to photograph the transit of Venus on the wrong
day (one day early). I don't think I'd have done very well even on the right
day, but in the event it was cloudy. 5064 shows the reception at Arlanda
airport when I arrived for Herräng 2012. 5066 to 5068 show where I stayed. 5069
is of fancy-dressed passport control (I took many more such photos with my
phone's camera). 5071 to 5073 are of Dawn Hampton posing for photos after her
annual talk. 5078 is a sample from my lesson notes. 5080 to 5084 are from a
street naming ceremony: Skolvägen became Frankie Mannings väg. 5090 is of my
classmate Emma and her boyfriend Henrick. 5091 shows the other end of Frankie
Mannings väg. 5095 is of my class: Lindy Hop intermediate/advanced group 1,
a.k.a. Herräng Lions. 5096 is my costume for the Friday party, which was 1970s
themed. 5108 is the entrance to the Folets Hus. The "0" rotates slowly. 5109 to
5112, 5114, 5118 to 5120, 5123, 5128, 5131, 5140, 5141, 5143, 5146, ... show
some of the best costumes. 5113 and 5117 are of the slomo street parade that
opened the party. 5121 is of Hanna Smithurst. 5122 is of Sarah, who is
fantastic to dance with. 5127, 5135 and 5138, 5147, 5153,  are of the
incidental party features. The blur in 5147 is Kevin St Laurent on roller
skates. 5133 is of my classmate Emma, and 5134 includes two of her friends too.
5158 and 5159 show the packaging used to ship dance bananas, I think. 5160 to
5166 show some familiar Herräng locations. 5167 is of my classmates Magdelena
and ? just before I left Herräng.


5065 - Tango at Arlanda Airport with Mumi and Victoria.
5077 - Spontaneous jam outside Bar Bedlam.
5086 - Party preparations accompanied by another spontaneous jam.
5115 - Slomo parade.
5136 - Gogo in Swedish for beginners.
5144 - Kevin St Laurent does Roller Disco.
5156 - Steven Mitchell signs funk.