7208 to 7269 are from Christmas 2013. We stayed in Santon:
https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@54.403574,-3.3887082,20z .
It was stormy, as shown in the videos 7219 and 7220.

7274 to 7308 are from Jay's Christmas party, which had a burlesque theme. Jo
turned up (just about) in a proper corset (e.g. 7306). Hilary was visiting, and
appears in 7285. The Hazel brothers provided some music (7302).

7314 to 7319 are bits of ukulele. 7314 is the fingerboard. I planed it too
thin, and had to stick on an extra layer (the light-coloured layer). Here, I
had just planed them to the same size. The text in 7316 says "Alistair
Turnbull" on one side and "2014 First Attempt!" on the other. In 7317 to 7318
I think I have just shaped the back to match the sides. 7319 is a thin shaving
made by a plane (swarf?).

7322 to 7348 are from a trip to Ely to meet Matt and Susan's new baby Sophie,
who appears in 7348. I randomly bumped into Sarah (7331, 7341).

7349 to 7385 are a backup of my notebook from Herräng 2013.

7386 to 7390 were taken in Durham. I only managed a few minutes of tourism,
and it was pouring with rain. I was mainly there for DJam 2014. The notes from
DJam appear at the end (7563 to 7570).

7392 to 7476 are from my dad's 70th birthday. The first few document the
construction of the telescope. Ben and Eloise are very much in evidence in the
later ones. The beach is at Exmouth. The video 7424 is of a dog who was having
a lovely time repeatedly burying and digging up a tennis ball, rewarding
itself by giving the ball a good chew each time. The video 7439 shows a
strange phenomenon caused by a drain emptying onto the sandy beach.

7477 to 7500 are from Ben's naming ceremony. Anto's parents Ted and Hanne were
there. 7501 to 7536 are from a few days later, when Susannah and Anto moved
house. My job was to look after Stüben, the cat, who was somewhat put out by
the proceedings. 7501 to 7513 are in the old house, and 7517 to 7536 are in
the new house.

7538 to 7546 are of the overgrown but rather beautiful state of my garden.
7549 and 7560 are of dust drifting in a beam of sunlight.