20151213 - A Sunday dance at the Red Lion in Grantchester. I think this was the second such dance, and Sally asked me to take these for publicity purposes. I think she has better quality photos now!
20151215 - My tasteless christmas tree strikes again, and a couple more photos of my house.
20151221 - Christmas dinner at Christs College.
20151225-20151229 - Hayes, featuring Susannah, Ben and Ethan.
20151231-20160102 - New Year Swing and Blues in Bristol, featuring Danielle (with the hairdo) and Roya.
20160108 - At Pete's house after Mike's memorial.
20160114 - Pete and Liz's engagement party at the Radegund.
20160115 - Wellness event at Cambridge University Press. Roya and I taught a 20s Charleston class.
20160118 - Pineannigans, featuring Martin.
20160122 - Funnily enough, nobody wanted this sofa bed.
20160201 - The most frustrating thing that happened at DJam 2016.
20160205 - Wandelbury Ring with Steph.
20160209 - My new bed, which is really Steph's old bed with a new mattress.
20160221 - A 13x13 game against Sarah. I was white, and I think I won.
20160228 - Pun shop, seen in Oxford.
20160304 - An accidental work of Art at Gavin's 40th birthday party that has nothing to do with Louise.
20160310-20160313 - A trip to Llubljana for its Sweet Swing Festival, with Lucy, Tanika, Rodrigo and Jojo.
20160315 - Postmodern Jukebox at the Corn Exchange.
20160317 - Gave in and bought tap shoes.
20160325 - Exmouth beach with Pob, Thomas, Eloise and Daddy. The knees are Marion's.
20160403 - Another 13x13 game against Sarah. I was white and this time I think I lost.
20160423 - A hole in the wall of 123 Cavendish Road, revealing eons of paint layers.
20160424 - Two games against Mark. I won both with the help of 6 stones.
20160424 - Bed time story time. John is trying on my glasses.
20160429 - Cambridge tourism with Steph.
20160430 - If you go for a walk with Julian and Aoife, you should expect to get muddy. Tactfully turned away: a big splodge on her nose.